lunes, 10 de julio de 2017

Day 5  .
Daily Report : Decimo B .-
·         RONALD NIÑO: Weekly quiz, present perfect.
·         KATHERINE GARCIA: Today we worked on the Units 1-6 revision pages 46-47. These activities gave us the chance to discuss on the daily situations for every one of us. We also worked on the using of phrasal verbs with UP&OUT in sentences. Moreover, we had a discussion about being a broad-minded person. We could listen to each other´s opinions based on the experience we have had travelling abroad. Finally, as a homework they need to finish exercises 4 and 5 from page 47.
·         JAIME ANDRES RAMOS:  Today we worked on the brochure of three different destinations that must be done individually, also today were given the instructions for the videoclip (as a tourist guide) inviting customers to travel. It must last at least 5 minutes, done in pairs but each must talk minimum two minutes for next Friday and it must be sent to the email.
·         CHRISTIAN MALDONADO: We spoke about the different conditions students around the world have to face to go to school.

QUÍMICA: El día de hoy se realizó el trabajo personal en la cartilla acerca de la temática “Gases: Modelos y variables” y el trabajo grupal mediante una práctica de laboratorio acerca de las variables que intervienen en los modelos de los gases.
NATACIÓN: El día de hoy debíamos iniciar con el tema de tercer periodo (estilo espalda), por motivos de daños en la piscina no fue posible, por lo tanto se hizo una actividad guiada de pin pon.
Thank you
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